Did you know?

When swiping your debit card, you spend 12-18% more money opposed to using cash!

We are HAPPI to Help!

Planning and tracking a budget can be time consuming. HAPPI's Personal Finance membership will help keep your finances on track. The plan comes with:

- Monthly consultations with your personal Accountant

- Graphs and charts providing you a visual on spending habits (example below)

- Advice on saving measures to help you reach your goals.


The average American spends $140 per month on fast food. The average income in America, for a single person is $35,000. This means, on average, people spend 4% of their income on fast food. This is 100% avoidable and can have many healthy factors.

Without tracking your monthly finances you are unaware of the potential savings.

Don't rob yourself; work hard and save more... HAPPI can help.