Payroll Services

2-10 Employees $160.00 per payroll period

10-50 Employees $250 per payroll period

100+ employees: $12/per employee per payroll period

Bookkeeping Services

$250 per month with 30 or less transactions

$500 per month with 100 or less transactions

$1450 per month with 300 or more transactions

Tax Prep

$100-$200 for single students

$250+ for individual tax returns.

Rates vary by the number of required forms

$300+ for business returns. Rates vary depending on the type of entity.

1099 Processing

$100 for each completed 1099 form. Guaranteed satisfaction

W-9 Processing

$150 for each completed W-9 form

Other Services

Discounted rates will be applied for all contract services. Discounts are dependent on the length of the contract and frequency of services.